Although prune is a dried plum, which is quite nutritious. Instead it has numerous health benefits. Despite their high sugar content, prunes contain many beneficial compounds that you cannot avoid. Surprisingly it will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Health Benefits of Prunes

Provides a good source of iron
Builds bones and muscles
Reduces cholesterol levels
Lowers blood pressure


Types of Prunes


Ashlock Pitted

Prunes are considered especially exquisite: peeled, pitted and dried plums are mainly produced in the south of Uzbekistan. Natural prunes have a residual moisture content of 18-23%. Prunes canned with sorbate have a moisture content of about 28%.Prunes are a tasty and healthy dried fruit widely used in cooking, dietetics, and folk medicine. Prunes are the dried fruit of the common blue/black plum. Many varieties of this fruit tree are known, but it is believed that the best prunes are obtained from the Vengerka variety, which is distinguished by its dense pulp.



Prunes are washed, steamed and mechanically pitted according to Elliot or without pits. Potassium sorbate is applied to prunes as a preservative. package. Packed in a folded blue food grade plastic bag inside a sealed corrugated box. nutritional value. Ingredients: prunes, potassium sorbate (as a preservative).



Prunes are a product of natural drying of black plum fruits. Dried fruit dried according to the correct technology retains all the useful properties of fresh fruit. The fruits of dried plums are extremely rich in vitamins, including vitamins B, C, A, and E. They have a beneficial effect on the overall tone of the body. The pectin, dietary fiber and organic acids contained in prunes gently normalize the digestive system. Elliot-type prunes are produced by rolling dried plums on a conveyor through rubber rollers, under the influence of which the plums are squeezed out and the pits are removed. In this case, the skin is damaged, and the pulp of the fruit is quite strongly flattened. The result is a flat-shaped prunes.

rezana suva sljiva

Chopped Prunes

Usually prunes are cut into smaller pieces to make them easier to include in the recipe. Some recipes use whole prunes, while others make mashed potatoes from it. In Uzbek cuisine, prunes are stewed in wine, and then put on a plate with pork or other meat cooked in sauce.


Traditional Uzbek Prunes (Balonchik)

Sweet Prune Balloon ecological product of Uzbekistan high quality producer prices prunes for wholesale sale. Prunes in the form of a spray are made from a particularly sweet dark plum. This variety has an excellent balance of taste and accessibility.